Perceptual adaptation is a phenomenon that occurs for all of the senses, including smell and touch. An individual can adapt to a certain smell with time. Within a few seconds after smell the scent, people will get used to it and the scent will be 50% less noticeable compared to the first time they smelled it. Therefore, the more we’ve exposed to the certain scent, the less we can recognize it. This symptom is called “Olfactory fatigue” or or "Nose Blindness". It is the temporary, normal inability to distinguish a particular odor after a prolonged exposure to the certain airborne compound. In order to be able to stimulate your sense for the favorite scent you have used for quite sometime, you should:

1. Instead of using your favorite scent, try sometime else as a replacement e.g. try using Orange Blossom instead of your favorite Javanese Vanilla.

2. Increase the intensity of the scent.

3. Take a break from that scent for quite a certain period of time.

4. Use the heat diffusion products instead of the air diffusion, as the intensity of the scent is higher. For example, use aromatic oil burner instead of perfume sachet.
Aromatherapy Treatment has a long history of over a thousand year as an alternative practice for well-being.
However, it cannot replace medical treatment. In the world of scents, there are various kinds of perfume and fragrances - natural and synthetic. Basically, products for therapeutic purpose are all 100% natural and some of the products for non-therapeutic purpose are made from synthetic scents.
Aromatherapy is an especially effective treatment for stress-related problems and a variety of chronic conditions. It can be used on any age but the training is required to ensure the aromatherapist blends oils safely as they are chemical substances which can be harmful if misused.
It is advisable for patients with high or low blood pressure, epilepsy, and pregnant woman to consult doctor before using any aromatherapy products.
Karmakamet aims to provide all types of scents from all over the world and become the scent museum. With this in mind, we wish to provide wide range of aromatic products for various purposes. Our products can be classified into 2 groups as follows:

1. Aromatherapy Products: Products in this group contain therapeutic properties for therapy. These products are made from 100% natural essential oils e.g. Pure Essential Oil, Massage Oil, Herbal Inhaler, Nasal Remedy, Pillow Mist, Gel Scrub, Salt Scrub, etc.

2. Aromatic Products: Products in thus group aim to provide pleasant scents to create desirable environment. They are non-therapeutic products and made from synthetic fragrances that are affordable and long lasting.

At Karmakamet, there are over 200 scents for you to choose from. All our products are made from fine ingredients with high production standard.