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Original Room Perfume Diffuser / Single


Size : 200 ml

Scent your home with the long lasting aroma of our Room Perfume Diffuser delicately formulated from concentrated aromatic oil. It helps sanitising the air and creating pleasant atmosphere as well as providing soft and alluring scent that lasts around 2-3 months.

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1. The Original Perfume Room Diffuser is a great way to alive your home with enchanting aroma, as the reeds soak up the aromatic oil and constantly disperse the scent into the air.

2. The room diffuser is very convenient and safe to use as it doesn’t require heat or flame to diffuse the fragrance. Its coverage is around 20-25 square meters. For the case that you would like to use the diffuser in the wider area, place more bottles in accordance with the size of the space you would like to cover.

3. The room diffuser is suitable for creating subtle aroma that imbues gently in the air all day round.

4. The useful life of this product depends on many factors e.g. size, heat, sunlight, wind, etc. At room temperature, a bottle of the Original Perfume Room Diffuser will lasts for 2-3 months.

Tip & Trick

1. If you wish to increase the scent, just flip the sticks. However, the more often you flip the sticks, the faster the aromatic oil will run out.

2. To prolong the use of the diffuser, take out the reeds and close the bottle when it’s not in use.

3. Generally, the scent will always float from bottom to top. Therefore, the best way to indulge with the aroma is to place the diffuser slightly lower than the person’s head level. So, you can smell the scent at its best.

4. If the level of the oil in the bottle decreased significantly, there might be some factors that cause the oil to evaporate too quickly such as the heat around the area or the wind. If these are the case, move the diffuser to the area that is not to hot or windy. If you couldn’t find any reasons, try filling the bottle neck with more reeds to prevent the oil from diffusing too quickly.

5. You can create new scent by placing diffusers with different scents together. For example, try using Bengal Morning Rain room diffuser with Siamese Lemongrass or Peppermint diffuser to create the refreshing scent of the tropical rain forest. For a romantic atmosphere, try using Tobacco room diffuser with Hay and Javanese Vanilla room diffuser.

Storage & Cautions

1. For external use only.

2. Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight.

3. Keep away from children and pets.

4. Do not place on or use with the leather or plastic materials.

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