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Haakon Groups Co., Ltd.; proprietor, publisher, service provider, and webmaster of is pleased to welcome you to our website and application services under To use the service, you are obliged to accept the service agreement and the privacy policy as stated in the terms and conditions. The company reserves the right to amend or edit the privacy policy without prior notice.

By entering the company’s website or access to the use of our applications via any devices e.g. computer, mobile phone, etc., you are agreed and subject to full compliance with the terms and conditions of service.

By accessing or using this website (hereinafter shall be called “the use of service”), you shall comply to the terms and conditions of service (henceforth refer to as “terms and conditions”). To use the service, you are obliged to accept the service agreement and the privacy policy as stated in the terms and conditions. The company reserves the right to amend or edit the privacy policy without prior notice.

1. The Use of Service

You shall not use the website for any offensive or abusive purposes e.g. posting any illegal, distasteful, offending, dirty, humiliating, discriminating, discourteous, blasphemous and/or threatening massages, contents, and photos. For the case that your post has offended any parties, you shall be responsible for any damages, fines, obligations and compensations occurred to the company and/or the third party, both directly and indirectly.

You are agreed to compensate for any losses, damages, compensation fees and legal expenses that occurred from any of your wrongful acts e.g. infringement, violation, faux pas, breach of duty etc. concerning the terms and conditions to the company (partially or entirely), the company’s employees, the company’s representatives, contractors, suppliers, and/or licensors (including the companys affiliates)dd.

2. Intellectual Properties

Karmakamet name and its logo are the trademarks of Helmet Celt Co., Ltd. Contents in this website including texts, messages, news, graphic, logo, design, layout, download items, prices, products and services (collectively, the “contents”) belong to or registered by Helmet Celt Co., Ltd.

Any intellectual properties appear on the compan’s products and services (both registered and unregistered) are protected by Thai Intellectual Property Law and are under the company’s proprietary right, copyright, right, and ownership and are not allowed to copy, duplicate, modify, publicize, counterfeit, sell, rent and/or any commercial or beneficial action without the company’s consent in black and white. Helmet Celt Co., Ltd. reserves the right to take legal actions upon the violators without prior notice.

3. Information and Descriptions of Products and Services

Information and contents (including the contents from the third parties) in this website are provided or acquired and updated by the company with the utmost attempt to provide accuracy and up-to- date information. However, the company cannot certify that all the information and contents shall be absolutely accurate as these contents are acquired and gathered from various sources. The company; therefore, is not obliged to be responsible for any contents in this website.

The company reserves the right to amend and update any misspellings, mistakes and imperfections of information without prior notice.

4. Links to Other Websites

The company shall not be responsible for the services of other websites that their links are contained in this website, even though those websites are the company’s cooperators, affiliates, or alliances, and shall not be liable to any losses or damages occurred from the third parties’ services and other service providers e.g. computer virus or malware. Each service provider has its own terms and conditions of service, please read it thoroughly before entering or using the other websites.

5. Personal Information and Submission of Information

Once entering the website and/or use the website’s services, you are automatically allowed the company to access to your personal information and other information you provide for the company with your consent from various occasions e.g. questionnaire, quizzes, games, surveys, browsing history, cookies, emails, e-news, complaints, notifications, etc.

The company and its affiliates and alliances shall use this information in accordance to the terms and conditions stated in this website. The company respects your privacy and shall not verify, amend, or reveal your personal information unless ordered to provide the information per legal orders or by the authorities and reserves the right to provide your information upon the lawful requests without prior notice. To amend your personal information, please email to the company.

You are obliged to be responsible for your personal account, password, and activities occurred from your account in any cases. The company always treats your personal information with great care and protection but cannot guarantee that your information shall be absolutely secured.

The company does not claim that our security system is highly secure and all information shall be protected. For the case that your personal information is hacked or losses by force majeur, technically errors, or any incidents, the company is not obliged to be responsible for any losses and damages occurred.

6. Membership

The company occasionally hold the special promotions that offer awards, prizes, gifts, benefits, etc. and reserves the right to forbid, cancel, or terminate any participants with faux attempts e.g. redundant registrations/memberships/email accounts from a single person, false information, and deception. The company shall terminate the deceived participants and might take legal actions upon the losses and damages occurred from these attempts.

As the user, you confirm that you are sui juris and are not forbidden from taking any legal actions and/or agreements by Thai law and shall provide sufficing evidences upon request. For the case that the information you provided are false and/or insufficient, the company reserves the right to restrain or terminate your membership and/or account and reject your application in the future. You must keep your account information confidential and be responsible for any actions under your account ID.

7. Disclaimers

The company is not liable to any losses or damages (including the losses of personal information) occurred from the infringement of the terms and conditions and force majeur and makes no representations, warranties or guarantees that this Site will be free from corruption, attack, viruses, interference, hacking, or other security intrusion. By entering this website, you are agreed not to claim for any losses or damages occurred from your personal use of the site and shall keep indemnified the company against all losses, costs, claims, demands or expenses (whether direct or indirect) arising from your actions or usage of the site and shall solely be responsible for all the compensations occurred.

8. Prohibition

The company reserves the right to prohibit the access to this website in any cases and the right to update or make an adjustment to this website for an indefinite period of time.

9. Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is defined to describe the use of your personal information. For details,please go to the”Privacy Policy” page. By entering this website, you are automatically agreed to the privacy policy of this website.

10. Contact

For the case that you have any further inquiries concerning the service, please email to or call +66 2-391-7391