The Secret of Scent: Pomegranate

Unveiling the Secret of Pomegranate Scent:


With its exquisite shape and vibrant hues, the pomegranate is revered as a precious jewel among fruits, symbolizing auspiciousness, wealth, and abundance in Chinese culture on significant occasions.

Originating from Asia, particularly Iran and India, the pomegranate is a perennial plant reaching heights of 2-5 meters.
Its lance-shaped leaves complement tightly stacked red flowers, which later give way to large, round fruits with
a reddish-yellow hue when ripe. Bursting with sweet, juicy flavor, the fruit’s interior is filled with densely packed square seeds.

Experience the invigorating essence of pomegranate, one of the most beloved fruit fragrances worldwide.
Combining sweetness, softness, and a hint of tartness, it creates a fresh, lively atmosphere.


Discover the essence of pomegranate through various products available

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Original Room Perfume Diffuser

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