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Original Fragrance Oil


Size : 15 ml

Create a pleasant atmosphere in residence with Karmakamet essential oils that are long-lasting and robust. Enjoy your favourite scent through heat evaporation, such as an oil burner or drop it on the smell-absorbing material and place it in the desired areas.

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Aromatic Oil Burner : Drop 8-15 drops of essential oil into the water in the burner and heat the water. For the best diffusion effect, make sure that the water temperature is around 50-55 °C. Too high water temperature will make the oil evaporate too rapid.

Tip & Trick

1. The simplest way to enjoy the aromatic essence without any hassles is by dropping 3-5 drops of essential oil into the candle tear e.g. Tea Light Candle, Pillar Candle (beware not to drop the oil directly into the flame). The heat from the melting wax will help evaporating the scent into the air.

Storage & Cautions

1. For external use only.

2. Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight.

3. Keep away from children and pets.

4. Do not place on or use with the leather or plastic materials.

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