Experience the essence of traditional Asian potpourri and ancient incense with Karmakamet’s meticulously crafted blends. Drawing from cultural heritage and ancient wisdom, our selection of locally sourced herbs and plants are carefully fermented with unique fragrance oils, resulting in six distinct scent profiles:

1. Asian Vintage Blossom

A harmonious blend of orange blossoms, jasmine, and roses, infused with cloves, kaffir lime peel, and mint for a fresh, warm aroma.

2. Salween Moon Tale

Delve into the sweetness of soft white flowers, pi flowers, mok flowers, jasmine flowers, and champi flowers, evoking a calm, deep relaxation.

3. Emerald Tea Time

Enjoy the fresh notes of tea leaves and guava orange flowers, accentuated by lime blossom and fragrant sandalwood, for a soft, soothing ambience.

4. Imperial Garden

Relax with the invigorating scent of kaffir lime peel, complemented by green tea freshness and hints of green apple tea.

5. Bengal Morning Rain

Refresh your space with citrus tones of lime blossom, Thai kaffir lime, lime, and mandarin orange, offering a cleansing and calming effect.

6. Earth

Breathe in the comforting blend of lavender, chamomile, and basil, delivering a deep sense of relaxation and herbal freshness.

How to Use:

1. Open the lid and place the potpourri in your bedroom, workspace, or any small area. Remember to close the lid when not in use.

2. For a decorative touch, display the potpourri in glass, stone, or ceramic containers throughout your living spaces.


180 g


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