The Secret of Scent: Javanese Vanilla

The Secret of Scent: Javanese Vanilla

Vanilla belongs to the genus Vanilla within the Orchidaceae family, making it a type of orchid. It is also a spice plant with a stem
that resembles a vine. Originally native to Mexico, it is widely cultivated in the Madagascar, Tahiti, and Indonesia regions.


The exceptional quality of Vanilla grown in Indonesia is widely acknowledged as the best due to its ideal hot and humid climate.
This creates a sweet, deep aroma and an enticing flavor in the fermented vanilla beans. The locals often use Javanese Vanilla
for its exquisite fragrance and as an essential oil that imparts a unique aroma to the Eastern world.


Experience the sweet aroma of Javanese Vanilla that brings a sense of delicacy, softness, tranquility, warmth, and friendliness.

Original Aromatic Glass Candle

Size : 185 g


Traditional Asian Perfume Sachet

Size : 50 g


Original Room Perfume Diffuser

Size : 200 ml


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