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Original Body Solid Perfume


Size : 15 g

This Original Body Solid Perfume is made from fine Shea butter, vegetable fat, pure vitamin E, and natural essential oils. With its soft and alluring scent that lasts for 3-5 hours, this solid perfume is suitable to apply on the pulse points e.g. wrist, foldable joints, and bases of the ear.

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1. Gently apply to pulse points like wrists, elbows, and behind the ears.

2. Enhance your natural body scent by incorporating the soft fragrance, creating memorable impressions for others. Formulated with pure plant wax, it absorbs well into the skin without feeling sticky. Suitable for all skin types, it’s convenient to carry and can be used as frequently as desired.

Tip & Trick

1. Scented wax is exclusively crafted for targeted application, particularly along pulse points, offering a light and soft fragrance evaporation. This makes it ideal for individuals seeking a delicate, comfortable scent that can be easily elevated throughout the day.

2. Using scented wax is a method of enhancing personal allure through fragrance. Users can enjoy experimenting with their own unique blends, such as pairing Javanese Vanilla with Tobacco for women or combining Moss with Sumatra Island Frangipani for men. Exploring scents with contrasting characteristics not only introduces novelty but also contributes to the development of a distinctive personality.

3. Caution is advised for use with children under 6 years of age, as it may lead to irritation. Watch for signs of allergic reactions, including red rash, burning sensation, and itching in the applied area. Prior to regular use, perform a patch test on thin, sensitive skin areas, such as under the arms. Wait 10-15 minutes for any adverse reactions. If irritation occurs, wash off immediately with soap. In case of severe symptoms, seek medical attention promptly.

4. Proper storage is essential; keep scented wax in a well-ventilated area at room temperature, avoiding prolonged exposure to heat and sunlight to prevent melting. If melting occurs, refrigerate the product for 30 minutes to restore its solid form, allowing for normal use.

Storage & Caution

1. For external use only.

2. Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight.

3. Keep away from children and pets.

4. Avoid contact between the wax and leather or plastic materials.

5. If the solid perfume gets into your eyes, wash them immediately.

6. If you have susceptible skin, try this product on your most sensitive skin area before using.

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