The Secret of Scent: Orange

Unlocking the Secret of Orange Scent:

The orange, a symbol of prosperity in Chinese culture, originates from Asia, particularly China, and is cultivated extensively in California, Florida, and southern Europe. This small perennial plant, belonging to the genus Citrus in the Rutaceae family, thrives globally in numerous varieties.


Beyond its delightfully sweet and tangy flavour, oranges boast high nutritional value, abundant in vitamins and possess medicinal properties, particularly in alleviating cold symptoms.


One of the most captivating qualities of oranges lies in their sweet and tangy aroma, evoking a sense of relaxation. This citrusy fragrance is renowned for its mesmerizing appeal and unique freshness.


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Aromatherapy Pure Essential Oil
Size : 10 ml

Enliven your body and mind with our Pure Essential Oils that are carefully treated from planting, harvesting, to handling. Our essential oils contain over 500 pure botanical essences with rich therapeutic properties that benefit your body and mind. It can be used both for inhalation and absorption, e.g. diffusing essential oil with an oil burner, dropping essential oil onto tissue paper or the pillow, mixing a few drops of essential oil with massage oil, or any other applications as desired.

Aromatherapy Finest Pillow Mist
Size : 50 ml

After a long day, relax and relieve with our aromatherapy pillow mist made from herbal and flower extract. Spray the pillow mist onto your pillow, bedspread, or shawl to ease yourself into a peaceful night sleep.

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