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Karmakamet Heritage Bazaar 2016  The merit of life depends on the people around us and the goodness of people depends on the community they dwell in. In the old time, bazaar is not solely a place where people come to trade their products but also a place where people from all walks of life get together. It’s a momentous place where culture originated.

Thus, Karmakamet is pleased to present “Heritage Bazaar”; the gift festival that will bring back the good old days for you to experience the beauty of merit life.

“Karmakamet Heritage Bazaar” The Karmakamet Heritage Bazaar will be held during 15 July – 15 September 2016. Please stay tuned!

Karmakamet originated from the migration of the Chinese in 1930 to the Southern of the Golden Peninsula. Along with the journey, the first generation of the family had brought with them the knowledge in Chinese medicine and traditional incense making method. From then on, the family had sold Chinese medicine and incense for living and became Karmakamet in 1971, From one generation to another, the family has inherited the knowledge and skill in herbal, traditional medicine, and incense making and its main business had changed from medicine into essential oils and incenses. From then on, bazaar had become the part of our history. It is the beginning of our journey. Scents from the far away lands, Karmakamet Aromatic is pleased to welcome you back to the good old days at “Heritage Bazaar No. 2″; gift and souvenir festival with the charm of scents from the far away lands; which inspire us towards our exclusive scents for the festival.

Karmakamet Aromatic is pleased to welcome you back to those good old days with “Heritage Bazaar No. 3″; Gift and Souvenir Festival that is infused with the scent of love, inspiration, and desire that is especially designed for the festival. Start from the refreshing and warm scent of Mandarin peels and Chinese Orange Blossom, follow with the sweet scents of Lily of the Valley, Northern Indian Jasmine, and Sumatra Island Frangipani blended with the mellow scents of Vetiver and Oak Moss; “Heritage Bazaar No. 3″ is an exclusive blend that helps enchant the moment with its magical spell of the past.