Awake & Alive


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You are not the only one who wishes to know what life is…

As time has passed, the answer has changed constantly. During each stage of life, we always get different answers towards time.

And, it’s impossible to compare the meaning of life with the object.  If we were born in a deserted place without anything, life would still appear as-is. Finding the meaning of life by comparing it with objects; therefore, is not adequate. Though there is knowledge about life, no one could realize its power without awakening from thoughts and dreams to experience the power of here and now.

Awake & Alive

Like never before, complex systems and the ocean of views in the modern world disturb the purpose and obscure the beauty of our lives. 

We live in an era where our happiness depends on people’s opinions, though those people have barely known us…

Awake & Alive campaign aims to remind you things that you might have forgotten, the source of empowerment, which is the unconditional happiness that is hidden inside us.