The word “Karmakamet” came from the believe and interest of our founder in Asian cultures and religions.

Karmakamet is the compound words from 2 Sanskrit words - Karma (deed) and Kamet (the mountain peak of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand state); which is the joint between the borders of India and China.

Karmakamet; therefore, means “Deeds of the Kamet” that represents roots, cultures, philosophies, and believes of people in Indochina.

These heritages are the elements of Karmakamet brand.

Knowledges and skills that are inherited from one generation to another, good old memories, affections, inspirations, and traditions are redefined in contemporary perspective as Karmakamet’s spirit that are distinctively reflected in our store designs, packages, products, and styles.

So to say, Karmakamet is inspired by Asian culture that is the culture with the greatest diversity and long history. It is the bridge between the old and the new worlds that will lead you to the secret world of your own...
Founded in 2001, Karmakamet; a small shop in Jatujak, was warmly welcome by both Thai and foreign customers.

Inspired by the founder’s background (Mr. Natthorn Rakchana), a year later, Karmakamet had started its line of aromatic products that used to be his family business.

Karmakamet’s working philosophy is “Do what we love and give it our best!”.

Currently, Karmakamet group consists of “Karmakamet” aromatic shop, “Everyday Karmakamet” lifestyle shop, and Karmakamet Diner.

For over 15 years of devotion, our love and passion are growing strong and we shall carry on the legacy to the fullest.